Heart of Hovde

Since the company’s founding, Hovde Capital Advisors has been consistently committed to both domestic and international charitable initiatives.  This involvement, which includes both volunteer activities and financial support, has always been a cornerstone of the Hovde culture.  Employees are regularly invited to participate in a variety of service projects and mission trips, providing them with unique, meaningful, and life-changing experiences of serving those in need.  Hovde will continue these sponsored trips in the future, allowing team members the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to charitable projects at home and around the world.  This culture of commitment to service, giving, and community is aptly referred to as the “Heart of Hovde.”

The Hovde Foundation

The Eric D. and Steven D. Hovde Foundation was founded in 1998 with two principal objectives: to assist neglected, abused and vulnerable children, and to fund research towards a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  Today, the Foundation is devoting substantial attention to caring for the world’s vulnerable children.  Eric’s extensive travels in developing countries alerted him to a population in desperate need of assistance. This group, the homeless children of the world, live without consistent shelter, nutrition and the general securities of a family home. Eric and his brother Steve were determined to make a difference in the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable children. The Foundation’s primary initiative is building “Hovde Houses,” large group homes with social services and lots of love, for these kids. In 2006, they opened the first Hovde House, in Mexico City. Presently, the Foundation supports seven of them, in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Ghana, Rwanda, Kenya, and Madison WI.